Everything You Should Know About the Acura TLX Interior Features

The heated seats, beautiful red interior hue, and smooth radio sounds make you feel like you're in a dream. The best part? The Acura TLX isn't a figment of your imagination: It's a reality.

This car is among the top luxury sedans, with over 11,000 sold in 2022. Customers love the car's comfortable ride, sold engine, and quality interior.

Are you interested in buying a vehicle in Las Vegas? Let's explore the Acura TLX interior and why Acura's TLX may be your best choice.

Acura TLX Interior Space

Acura's TLX offers you ample room to get comfortable and stretch. Let's examine how much space you can enjoy in the car's interior:

  • 36-37 inches of headroom space
  • 34-42 inches of legroom space
  • 54-55 inches of hip room space
  • 55-58 inches of shoulder room space

You'll also love the car's trunk space, which is large enough to hold all your necessities for your upcoming adventure. The cargo capacity is 13.5 cubic feet.

Acura Features For Comfort and Health

Acura's TLX features innovative technology and creature comforts to enhance your driving experience. These included heated front seating.

The heated seats offer comfort and health benefits by increasing oxygen and blood flow to your muscles to relieve chronic back pain. These seats may also help prevent muscle spasms from poor posture and cold temperatures. The 12-way front power seats offer lumbar support, helping people avoid lower back discomfort.

You and your passengers will love the car's dual-zone auto climate control feature. This will let you set your preferred temp for your section of the vehicle. Your backseat passenger can do the same.

The car's air filtration and humidity control feature is another reason to love the TLX. Humidity control will help prevent dust mites, bacteria, and mold from growing, preventing respiratory infections, asthma, and allergies.

Filtration removes harmful air particles like pet dander, pollen, and dust. Another benefit of air filtration in your Acura is that it will extend the cooling and heating system's lifespan by keeping dust from building up and clogging the system.

Acura Features for Safety

You'll love the TLX's auto-dimming rearview mirror. This feature reduces glare from other vehicles' headlights so you can see better. You won't have to worry about fatigue and eye strain from bright lights.

The auto-dimming mirror is frameless, giving your car's interior a modern, sophisticated look. Its frameless design may also make the windshield appear wider and bigger, increasing visibility.

Acura Features For Convenience

Experience convenience with the TLX's push-button car ignition. This keyless system makes starting your car a breeze when you're in a hurry or the temperature is cold or hot outside. It eliminates the need to search for your keys frantically.

Acura's keyless system can also help prevent vehicle theft. That's because it'll turn off your ignition system till it gets the proper signal from your vehicle's key fob. People who break into your TLX won't be able to start the car without your key fob.

Light-emitting diode cabin lighting is another excellent TLX feature. It creates a customizable, cozy, elegant, and pleasant atmosphere inside your car while enhancing visibility. This can make driving less stressful and tiring in dark settings or at night.

Your front-seat passenger will appreciate the 12-volt power outlets along the center console. They're perfect for charging tablets, laptops, or smartphones.

Do you love listening to music while you drive? Each TLX comes with high-definition radio and SiriusXM.

SiriusXM, a leading satellite radio provider, offers access to various music styles and genres. Podcasts, comedy shows, news programs, and talk shows can also keep you entertained on the road. Ten speakers make up the TLX's audio system for a premium listening experience.

Use the car's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features to connect your smartphone to the vehicle's touchscreen. It's a convenient and safe way to listen to music or use your phone's navigation apps while driving.

Additional Noteworthy Acura Features

A TLX is the perfect option for a sporty, high-end-looking car interior. Its leatherette sport seats look sleek and are easier to clean than genuine leather.

Leatherette also resists scratching, fading, and stains more easily than leather. It won't absorb oils, liquids, and dirt.

The TLX's leather steering wheel is another luxurious touch. Customers like the brushed aluminum car trim, too. This metal offers a sleek look when added to a dashboard, window frame, door handle, or grille.

Acura Options and Their Interior Colors

The Acura TLX is available in several trim packages. All come with outstanding interior colors. These types of Acuras include the following:

  • Wheel and Tire
  • Type S Performance
  • Type S
  • Advance
  • A-Spec
  • Technology
  • Base

Customize your TLX's interior by choosing from several color options depending on your trim package. All trim packages come with cool ebony and bronze aluminum.

Upgrade to a welcoming graystone interior with silver aluminum or espresso interior with bronze aluminum with the Technology package. Choose a bold red interior and an aluminum finish featuring geometric shapes with the A-Spec package.

Everything You Should Know About the Acura TLX Interior Features

The Advance package has an ebony, graystone, or espresso interior and dark wood trim. Type S features an ebony or red interior with a geometric-pattern trim. Acura's Type S Performance offers a stunning ebony interior with a geometric aluminum finish.

Geometric patterns are popular in trim since they offer a contemporary and top-end look. They may also enhance a car's resistance to rust and scratches, making it more durable.

How We Can Help You Buy a TLX

The Acura TLX interior offers several benefits for those buying a car. This car make and model provides heated front seats to improve comfort and health. Its safety features include an auto-dimming mirror, which makes driving at night easier.

You'll also love the TLX's leatherette sport seats and leather steering wheel, which make the car look top-quality. Customers like the TLX's many interior color options, ranging from ebony to graystone.

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