Want to Say Happy Holidays in a Big Way?

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Want to leave a shiny new car with a big red bow in the driveway for an unsuspecting recipient? #CardinaleWayAcura has been party to such surprises more than once. We’ve advised gift-givers in choosing the right vehicle and provided easy terms for purchasing this special holiday gift. It’s not always easy to select the right gift vehicle for someone else – even if it’s someone you know well. We’re experienced enough to lead you through the experience with a minimum of stress. In keeping with that goal, here are a few tips to prepare yourself before you come to us for your gift purchase.


Avoid disappointment


This is the first obstacle to overcome. We can help choose a vehicle that will delight, but you should do some legwork first. How does the person use a vehicle? What size vehicle will suit their needs best? Do they typically drive short trips or long commutes? Will upkeep be affordable for them? What colors and styles do they prefer? Then come to us. We’ll consult with you and help you choose the best fit.


Let us in on the surprise


CardinaleWay Acura has often worked with customers to ensure a satisfying gift-giving experience. But we might not be able to keep a surprise if we don’t know it’s a surprise. Let us know, and we’ll be sure you’re the only contact for any communications.


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Learn about financing, registration, title and insurance


People in the Las Vegas area should call the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles about transferring title and registration requirements. Call your insurance agent to discuss coverage and determine an affordable rate for the recipient. We can make financing easy and help you decide what’s the best plan for you.


Talk to us sooner than later so we can ensure timely holiday delivery. And remember that we’re a resource for information that will help you have a stress-free holiday gift-giving experience. Visit our website at www.CardinaleWayAcura.com





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