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Steering Maintenance – Quick and Easy

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


Maintaining the steering components in your vehicle is important if you like driving in a straight line. Let’s be real, we all really enjoy when our cars go where we want them to. If you’re under 40, you probably have never experienced the joy of driving without power steering. Our modern cars have the luxury of being equipped with a little something extra to help you direct your vehicle. Having these parts serviced will keep everything running smoothly.


The steering in your vehicle is made up of two components. There is the power steering and the parts that actually steer your car. The power steering is usually powered by a hydraulic power steering pump. This hydraulic pump is usually powered by either the serpentine belt or an electric pump. Some new cars have an electric motor that powers the steering directly.


With time, all machines wear out. You can extend the life of your steering components by having them routinely maintained. If you schedule a power steering service every once and awhile, a technician will drain the used fluid and replace it with new. This gets rid of any water or contaminants that can damage the steering. The technician can also tell you the best schedule to have your steering serviced.


It’s also important to have the mechanical steering parts maintained in your car. If the parts can be lubed, a technician will take care of them whenever you get something like an oil change. Watch for signs your steering parts are wearing out or need repaired. Some of the things you can look for are loose steering and uneven tire wear.


Maintaining your steering can be easy if you know what to look for. Visit us at CardinaleWay Acura to have your steering checked out or any other service you need! For more information about what we offer, check out our website.





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