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Step Inside the Acura NSX Factory

Thursday, March 17th, 2016


Honda built a facility that effectively combines the craftsmanship of human hands with the precision of automated manufacturing techniques to build the all-new Acura NSX supercar. The facility is a 200,000-squart-foot portion of the Honda Manufacturing of Ohio building in Marysville, Ohio. It took an investment of over $20 million to complete the necessary renovations. The automaker paid close attention to every little detail of the facility as every aspect serves a purpose. The walls and floors were painted in a way that reflects light, the open floor plan prevents the various production processes from becoming isolated, and the glass that is present throughout the facility allows for every process to be clearly seen. Humans are guiding the robots during the production process as the pieces of the chassis are welded to one another by robotic arms that are overseen by veteran workers. There is a welding station for each chassis component and the end product shows no signs of human-operated welding. Before being painted with five color coats and two clear coats, the chassis undergoes extensive quality control. Following paint, every chassis is put on an individual rolling car to be inspected by a small group of workers for about 60 minutes. Large-screens use advanced technology to display each step and the production process in real time. The facility can crank out about 10 to 12 cars per day. Learn more about the all-new Acura NSX by contacting CardinaleWay Acura Las Vegas.





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