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Pay Attention to the Symptoms, Then Get an Expert Diagnosis

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


There’s so much information available on the internet, we’ve reached critical mass in the “I can do that!” mindset. Look on YouTube, for example, and you can find videos with instructions on anything from how to scramble an egg to how to break a brick with your hand. One big topic is on diagnosing and fixing auto problems. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much you actually know about mechanics and how well you can follow instructions.


Though we don’t necessarily recommend taking that kind of risk, there are signals that your vehicle might require attention. Here are just a couple of things to pay attention to so a small issue doesn’t become a major problem.


How does it smell?

Any unusual interior odors should be checked out. Exhaust fumes, sulfur, mildew or the smell of burnt rubber are all symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored.


How does it feel?

Does your steering wheel feel lose, is it hard to turn, or is it vibrating or shaking? Can you feel air being blown out of your a/c vents? Is there anything different about the way the vehicle turns or backs up? Are your break and gas pedals responsive under your feet?


How does it sound?

Noises are some of the most quickly reported symptoms of trouble. Squeaking, scraping, clicking, grinding, creaking, chattering – there’s a large vocabulary for the sounds that make drivers’ ears perk up. There’s a chance that a description could help determine the source of the problem.


The #Acura is a finely tuned vehicle, which requires expert diagnosis and service. At #CardinaleWay Acura, our Service Department professionals are trained and certified in maintaining and repairing whichever Acura model you drive. Be alert to the signals you’re vehicle is giving you; then, instead of going to YouTube for help, go to our website at





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