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Business Insider’s 2016 Car of the Year: The Acura NSX!

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Acura NSX

In the three year history of the Business Insider’s Car of the Year Award, the new #Acura NSX beat some fierce competition.  The Acura NSX is a worthy winner and a triumph for Acura.


The Acura NSX is a mid-engine supercar from a Japanese brand, but it is actually an all-American machine, designed in California and built in Ohio.


The Business Insider does not use extensive scientific criteria for selecting the best vehicle of the year, they simply do not have the testing facilities. But they do consider each finalist in terms of three key questions: Did the vehicle stand apart from the competition?  Was the vehicle appealing to drive?  Did the vehicle involve a strong business case for the automaker that created it?


The Acura NSX proved to the Business Insider to be amazingly good to look at, a joy to drive and easy to live with. They also tried out the Acura NSX in  three different settings: on the road, on the race track with a transportation reporter and longtime NSX enthusiast behind the wheel and on another track with a pro driver.


No other vehicle generated as much attention from the public as the NSX.  Acura decided to go with hybrid technology, generating 573 horsepower and the twin-turbocharged V-6 offered power on-demand. The NSX proved to be highly forgiving, with the traction going on all four wheels, offering endless grip around corners.


The Acura NSX is a stunning supercar that gets prospective buyers in the showroom.  It’s a car that will set the pace and the tone for Honda and Acura in the coming years.


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