Get Ready for Your Next Road Trip

Road Trip Tips

Now matter what the season, there’s nothing more exciting than heading off on a road trip adventure. And nothing is worse than having your vehicle break down leaving you stranded in the middle of your trip.  At CardinaleWay Acura Las Vegas, we want to make sure your trip is a success from beginning to end.  Here are a few tips to ensure your vacation is a great one.


Before Your Leave Check the Following:

  • Oil and filter, including your air filter
  • Change spark plugs
  • Check tire pressure and tread. Look for signs of strain, bulges or other damage
  • Check your spare tire and make sure you have supplies to fix a flat tire
  • Check wipers and wiper fluid
  • Check coolant
  • Flush the radiator if you haven’t done so in awhile


What to Bring Along

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cloth towels for cleaning dirty windshields, spills, etc.
  • Spare key for your car and make sure to keep it on you
  • Plastic funnel to add water or other fluids
  • Water bucket in case you need to get water from a river or lake


Pack A Car Survival Kit With These Items:

  • Chain or thick towing rope
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdrivers and wrenches of different sizes, pliers and a hammer
  • Bungee cords


Tips For A Safe and Successful Drive:

  • Know your limits. Stop when you’re tired.
  • Stay at a steady speed to see more and get better gas mileage.
  • Leave the Red Bull and coffee at home. If you get tired, pull over and rest
  • Stay away from trucks. Never tailgate. Pay full attention to the road.
  • Always fill your gas tank when it is half full. Don’t trying to find a gas station in a remote area.


Let CardinaleWay Acura Las Vegas Help You Prepare For Your Trip
Our service technicians at CardinaleWay Acura Las Vegas would be more than happy to check our your vehicle before you take it on a long trip. Whether you are looking for regularly scheduled maintenance or service due to other complications, we are here to help. It’s easy to schedule an appointment online.  Acura is owned by Honda and our service technicians are factory-trained and use only Honda parts.

And, while you’re here, you can check out our inventory of Acura new cars. To learn more and to schedule a service appointment or test drive online, visit our website at



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