CardinaleWay Acura of Las Vegas’ Car Washing Tips

Keeping your vehicle clean is an underrated but important habit for you to maintain during your vehicle’s life cycle. Our CardinaleWay Acura location recommends washing your vehicle at least once a month, to keep the vehicle’s value as high as possible.

Don’t Use A Normal Rag

Old material that you find in your garage or closet are not suitable for drying off your vehicle. They may feel soft, but they can easily damage your vehicle’s finish if they’re used a lot. A gentler wash comes from a microfiber cloth, which you can easily find online.

Use Two Buckets

Wiping dirt on your car repeatedly can cause damage to the paint. That’s why using two buckets is a good method to avoid that. Fill one up with soapy water and the other with water. Use the soapy water to apply to the vehicle then rinse it off in the bucket with just water.

Brush and Vacuum Floor Mats

The vacuum doesn’t magically make it all disappear. A stiff brush should be used first to loosen dust and mud.

Don’t Use a Circular Motion

Circles cause small scratches that are extremely hard to fix. It is recommended that you move your towel in straight or z-pattern motions. This is because a scratch is much easier to fix in a straight line.

Clean and Protect Your Seats

Cleaning and moisturizing leather seats is extremely important, especially if your car sits in the sun.

Wear Car-Friendly Clothes

Zip-up hoodies, belt buckles and bracelets can always hurt your paint job if you aren’t careful. Do not wear these clothes while you wash your vehicle and you’ll be happy you did when it comes time to sell your vehicle.

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