Find Out What To Expect When Returning Your Leased Vehicle

Many people ask how to return an Acura lease. If you’ve leased an Acura vehicle, it’s important to understand what to expect at the end of the leasing process. Whether you’ve never leased an Acura before or you’re currently leasing and you’re not sure what happens at the end of your lease term, we have some helpful information for you. If you haven’t already thought about what you’ll do at the end of your lease, it’s never too soon to start considering your options, particularly if you have six months or less left on the lease. Understanding what happens when returning a lease will prepare you for the choices you’ll need to make. At the end of your Acura’s lease, you’ll have three options.

1. Return your leased Acura vehicle to us and buy or lease another new Acura

This is a great option that will see you driving out of our dealership in a new Acura. You must schedule a free inspection during the final two months of the lease. You should expect the inspection to take about an hour, although it may be faster if the Acura hasn’t incurred any excessive damage. When you lease another Acura, you may qualify for the perks that come with the Acura Loyalty Advantage, an Acura Luxury Lease benefit. To take advantage of the loyalty program, you must purchase or lease a new Acura within 30 days before or after your turn-in date. Acura Loyalty Advantage gives you: 
  • Mileage Forgiveness: If you go over your contracted mileage, you can be forgiven for half of your mileage overage, with a maximum of 7,500 miles.
  • Mileage Forgiveness Plus: This provides you with an additional 1,000 miles when you lease a new Acura from Acura Financial Services.
  • Momentum Miles: This lets you roll over up to 15,000 unused miles on your lease to use on your next Acura Luxury Lease. 
In addition, Acura Financial Service customers are eligible for an additional $750 Excessive Wear-and-Use or Damage Waiver and a waiver of the turn-in fee. 

2. Return your leased Acura vehicle to us

With this option, simply turn in your Acura to us, even if you didn’t buy it from our dealership. This will end your lease. You must schedule a free inspection, and you’ll be responsible for excessive miles, excess wear and use and any other obligations spelled out in the lease agreement. 

3. Buy your leased Acura vehicle

When you purchase your leased Acura, you won’t need to schedule an inspection. Simply get a payoff quote, either online or by calling Acura’s Express Payoff system at 866-777-6495. If you choose to buy your vehicle, you can take advantage of low financing rates, as well as extended protection plans.  If you have any questions about the end-of-lease process, feel free to contact us. No matter which option you choose, we want to make sure returning your leased Acura is as easy and hassle-free as it was when you leased it.
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