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Five Reasons To Keep Up With Oil Changes

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Our Service Experts at #CardinaleWay Acura agree that routine oil changes are essential for your engine to live a long life. There are many moving parts in an engine and to avoid damage, and those parts need proper lubrication. That’s why oil plays such a big role in how well your vehicle runs. Oil breaks down over time and is contaminated by the dirty, dusty debris in our Las Vegas desert environment. It’s important to change your vehicle’s’ filter and oil once it becomes low or dirty. This will prevent costly repairs down the road and make certain your engine is working at its best.


We would like to share five reasons why filter and oil changes are important to your vehicle’s longevity.


  1. Your vehicle will last longer. More problems occur in the long run in an engine that’s been working harder than normal. An engine won’t have to work as hard if the dirty oil buildup is routinely removed. You’ll see a much higher resale value with a vehicle that’s had maintenance performed on a regular basis.
  2. Keeps engine clean. Dirt and dust are a nightmare for your engine. As time goes on, corrosion occurs and the oil will break down, eventually turning into “sludge.” If you want to keep your engine in pristine condition, make sure to get the filter and oil changed so the sludge and dirty particles can be removed.
  3. Engine parts stay cool. Overheating happens when moving parts don’t have enough lubrication to fend off friction. This can be prevented with an ample amount of clean oil.
  4. Gas mileage is improved. If there is not enough clean oil in the engine there will be poor engine lubrication. This in turn leads to increased fuel consumption and poor gas mileage.
  5. Keeps things lubricated. An engine is comprised of many moving parts. When the parts are going at high rates of speed, heat is created. If the right amount of oil lubrication isn’t present your engine will wear down significantly quicker than normal.


CardinaleWay Acura Service Experts are available if you’re not sure what specific grade and weight of oil your vehicle requires. Our convenient Acura location on West Sahara Avenue makes it easy to stop in for a quick oil change. Make it even easier by scheduling an appointment at www.cardinalewayacura.com. We pride ourselves in being the best in Nevada Acura and look forward to showing you why.





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